3 comments on “My First Assignment: Complete Kit Includes Feelings of Utter Helplessness and a Little Bit of Deja Vu

    • You are so awesome…thanks for the encouragement and thanks for helping me believe that I can do it and that I should. Would you consider contributing to this blog? I would love to have you post something. Maybe you could post something about your creative ways with palettes…or anything that you know and would want to share…or you could post a retro music page and we could have an “Eclectic Energy Explosion.” Seriously, I would love to have your input…..Oh wait, I’ve got it. You can write an instructional piece on how to get soaking wet, but still be able to look like a goddess.You know, you can explain how to fling your hair back in an amazing arc while your stumbling through the stream with a look of horror on your face. Debi, I laugh at that photograph every day. Hey, if you would like, we could put up a page about your mom. Think about it, that ‘s entirely your call of course….but we could collaborate on that, you know, family members, friends everyone who would want to could write a little something….and we could surround those words with meaningful images….something like that…anyway, like I said…think about it. And thanks again, so much, for helping me stay motivated with your consistent validation of what I’ve written. I love you for that. I needed that so much, especially in the beginning like this. I don’t know how to run a blog and I haven’t written in eons. I can’t tell you what your encouragement means to me, the words aren’t there. You are a genuine “friend” and there aren’t many of those around these days.

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