The Body….Eclectic: Let Me Tell You All “About” It.


So, You Want To “Look” Before You Leap.

You’re no Lemming. For a discerning reader, like you, the uncertainty of leaping, head long, into a blog with no idea of what to expect, simply, will not do. You want to know what you’re getting into.

I wonder if I should check out “The Body….Eclectic.” I hope it has an “About” page.

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got This.

Read on to find out what you can expect to see, hear and/or read when you visit “The Body….Eclectic.”  While, you may not know, exactly, what you’ll see on any given day (after all, things are eclectic around here), you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s in store. I’m hoping that when the “tour” is over and it’s all said and done, you’ll find that, rather than something you’re “leaping into,” “The Body….Eclectic” is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

 So, What’s With The Name?

“The Body….Eclectic” is an homage to Walt Whitman in the form of word play on his poem: “I Sing The Body Electric.” “I Sing The Body Electric” is the first poem in Whitman’s 1855 tour de force  Leaves of Grass. In addition “The Body….Eclectic”  refers to a musical number, featured in the 1980 musical, Fame.  This song, also inspired by Whitman’s poem, is titled accordingly.  The lyrics  found in “I Sing The Body Electric” capture the essence of Whitman’s poem and its sentiments strongly match my own.

Yes, But, What Does That Mean?

I have always felt my truest connection to humanity when I am deeply moved by any art form  that speaks the truth to me. The truth I find expressed through the vision of an artist, validates my own truth, because I recognize it. These are the moments that remind me that there is more to life than what’s on television and that I am more than some insignificant, measly member of the human race shuffling through life in a state of disillusion and despair. These moments of  epiphany had become very few and far between. I made a decision to change my life and return my focus to the things that lift me up and remove myself from the things that  oppress my spirit and prevent me from living a full and satisfying life.”The Body….Eclectic” is the symbol of my return to the things that elevate me and a showcase for the things that provide me with  joy, wonder and  inspiration.

Computer Wallpaper

This beautiful image is available for use as  a wallpaper for your computer.

When I consider the things that inspire me and motivate me to engage myself in the world, I find that it is great literature, fine film and photography that speak to me the most.

ebook Shakespeare's sonnets

This is the cover image of an ebook version of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. It is available from LibriPass

Dostoyevsky - Notes from Underground

Dostoyevsky’s “Notes From Underground” is is a supreme example of existentialism in literature.






The individual works universally accepted as  “classic” or iconic within most genres will be featured here often.  All great works of art have an established place in our culture and will never become obsolete. These iconic works withstand the test of time because of the universal language that they speak. It is a language we can all  understand because it contains no words. It is a language that must be felt to be heard. But, it is my experience that the language that speaks to the soul is not limited to speaking through the “classics” only.


I have always had a deep love of music and over time certain songs have etched themselves into my experience and are as much a part of my life as the people in it. Within “The Body….Eclectic I am going to share  the soundtrack of my life. I have great taste in music (according to me) and I am not locked into one genre of music at the exclusion of another. With the exception of Jazz and Country (I don’t listen to either of them) you can  expect to find an extremely wide range of musical content. So, almost “anything goes.”

                    Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” — With Retro Style Lyrics

In his poem,  “I Sing The Body Electric,” Walt Whitman, pays tribute to the human body and celebrates the beauty to be found in all of its manifestations. “The Body….Eclectic” is designed to do celebrate the beauty and diversity of creative expression found in all of its manifestations. Whitman celebrated the body without bias against the, so called, “imperfections” most found unsightly. We celebrate creativity without bias against the “imperfect” art form. It’s the tag line, that best defines “The Body….Eclectic” and what you can expect to find here. This blog will never will be a comprehensive collection of anything. But, it is a place for me to share the eclectic assortment of  images, videos, online memes, along with so many other things that I am anxious to feature because of the profound influence that they have had on me and my life.

Asparagus/Forever Fresh and Decorative

There will be plenty of focus on of the “Fine Arts” in “The Body….Eclectic. ” But, it is not only universally accepted masterwork that will be considered “worthy” of display.  A beautifully executed tattoo may be featured instead.

Rodin The Thinker

Rodin’s The Thinker



8 x 10" ink on acrylic on deep edge stretched canvas. Gumleaves and Joy

Gumleaves and Joy, by Fiona Morgan.





There are thousands upon thousands of  artistic creations that stimulate our minds, touch our hearts and bring enrichment to our lives every day. These creations may be less lofty than the “classics,” but, they are no less meaningful.



For instance, Norman Greenbaum’s, performance of  “Spirit In the Sky”  recorded in 1970, remains timeless, but will never be considered “classical” in any sense. That in no way minimizes the influence the song has had on musical history or diminishes anything from its current relevance. “Spirit in the Sky” is and always will be among the celebration worthy. In “Spirit in the Sky” Greenbaum combines old time gospel influences with elements of  psychedelic rock and the result of that mix is a song that has reached iconic status because it resonates with nearly every person who hears it. For years, I imagined myself as one of the “cool” people clapping their hands at the beginning of the song.  Actually, I still do. I want to expose this song to new listeners in the hopes that they will like it and share it. Music like this must never disappear. This is my way of  helping with that. Please listen to and enjoy this amazing song.

Spirit in the Sky, Norman Greenbaum, 1970

I plan to write commentaries. essays and/or reviews about the posts that I make. This will constitute my ” eclectic body” of creative expression. With that in mind, “The Body….Eclectic” will not be posts of my original material alone. It couldn’t be. In fact, without the creative works of others to respond to, I would have no “body” of my own to speak of. Did you see what I did there?

Also, there will be a lot of laughing. We must laugh at ourselves as part of the celebration, not only because it’s the “best medicine” but, because people do some pretty stupid stuff and we do a lot of it. Then, in amazingly creative ways we transform our absurd behavior into videos, or memes or other forms of display and when we watch ourselves the challenge is not to  laugh at ourselves, in spite of ourselves. To share these ridiculous experiences with others and watch as they laugh with and at us is a wonderful reminder of how universal the human condition really is.

We will also have a laugh or two at the expense of the creatures that share our planet with us.  Animals that,  like us, attempt the sublime but, so very often, achieve the ridiculous. In no way does this imply that there is humor to be found in injury of any kind. The one thing that you will never  find within these pages is the depiction of  injury or trauma to any living creature presented as humor or entertainment.

This Panda was NOT hurt while going down the slide. However, the meme in the middle has been arrested and is being held without bail.

For me, there is no finer display of creative expression than that found in Nature. Nature will always be a major contributor and featured “artist” here. cute-baby-panda-bear_1 This “Celebration of Creative Diversity” is meant to inspire, enlighten and most of all, bring us together. Ultimately, “The Body….Eclectic”  will contain an assortment of creations that I have gathered together and put on display because they have meaning for me.  All of the images, documents, music selections presented here have been able to speak to that undefinable, yet undeniable aspect of the higher nature that resides within all of us.

I believe that our true humanity is never more apparent than when we look, deeply at the wonders in nature or into the creative expression of another and see ourselves looking back.

Now that you know “what it’s all about,” I hope that you’ve decided to take that “leap” after all.

4 comments on “The Body….Eclectic: Let Me Tell You All “About” It.

  1. Hi aleciaqou3, I’m from the pool. And I’ll be frank, OK? 🙂
    Now this is worth a couple of posts. And that’s too bad because it only means that you just lost two or three [potentially good] posts for an overdone ‘about’ page (no offense, please).

    An ‘about’ page is simply that: ‘about’. And definitely NOT ‘all about it’. It briefly tells something (not everything) about us and/or our blog. Yes, sometimes a long about page just works amazingly, but I don’t recommend it (especially if you are new to blogging).

    True, we have a whole lot of things inside our head that might be useful for other people (who ain’t?). So how are we going to spill out that ‘treasure’ [of ours]? In a single click? No way! Do that in a [hopefully] very long time instead. One-post-at-a-time. 😀
    Take care.

    • Hello,
      I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my page and offer your input.

      I can honestly tell you that I edited a great deal out of that post already. That is not to say that I wasn’t concerned about it’s length, when I was finished, because I am. I specifically asked about that because I knew it was not a short few sentences about the blog.

      In the “About” page guide that I read in WP, it stresses the fact that you should identify your theme..tell what inspired or motivates you and what you hope to achieve with your blog. I can’t do that in three hundred words. However, I am well aware that I can do it in less than what I have already posted.

      I have not lost anything in my “overdone ‘about’ page” though. I can always revise and keep anything that I cut out of it to use at a later time.

      I am not arguing with you when I say that what I did “spill” out in my post was not anywhere near all of my “treasure.” And “all about it’ was meant to be tongue in cheek. I never even began to think that I was going to say everything about it in that single post.

      That being said, I do know where I can go immediately to start cutting within the post. There is an entire section that could be cut. I already considered it, but thought that it was really an asset rather than a detriment to the page.

      Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to read my page and give me your feedback.


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